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Dissolution of Marriage (also called "Divorce")

At Nachshin & Langlois, a team of highly skilled California divorce attorneys are easily accessible and readily available to assist a client with dissolution (divorce) proceedings. Many of the family law attorneys at Nachshin & Langlois enjoy the distinction of Certified Family Law Specialist, a distinction given by the State Bar of California to those most knowledgeable in the field of family law.

 A divorce, commonly referred to now as dissolution of marriage, is an action filed by a married person to end the marriage.  Most couples retain the services of a divorce attorney to handle their negotiations, settlement issues and court appearances. After a marriage is "dissolved," the marital contract is officially terminated and the parties are then restored to single status, making them legally eligible to remarry.


Uncontested Dissolution (also called "Uncontested Divorce")

As a couple dissolves its marriage, it will most often come to an agreement with regard to the terms of dividing property and assets, and also come to an agreement relative to the terms of spousal and child support, as well as child custody arrangements. If agreed upon, the documents agreed to will be filed with the Court. When both husband and wife agree to end their marriage and also agree to a full settlement of all of their financial and/or child custody issues (or any other outstanding issues) of the marriage, it is called an uncontested dissolution (divorce).

contested Dissolution (also called "contested Divorce")

Should the parties not come to agreement on any matter, the Court or judicial officer assigned to the case will issue orders todivide community and separate property; assets and debts, and issue orders for spousal support, attorneys fees, and (if applicable), orders for child support, custody and visitation of the minor child(ren) of the marriage. This is regarded as a contested divorce. When a dissolution (divorce) is contested and the parties cannot agree to resolve some, any, or all the issues of their marriage, their case will be assigned to a judicial officer who will decide and adjudicate the contested issues and disputes during a courtroom hearing. The judicial officer could be a public judicial officer who works at the Court or a retired judicial officer (retired Judge) who formerly worked at the Court.


Arrangements are also made prior to a court hearing to allow the divorcing couple to meet with the court appointed mediator to help them come to an agreement of those issues in dispute.


At Nachshin & Langlois all reasonable efforts are made to reach agreements in dissolution matters; however, should it be necessary to have disputes and issues decided in a Family Law Court, the highly qualified and experienced team of attorneys at Nachshin & Langlois has a formidable reputation and impressive track record, in addition to a competent staff of aggressive litigators.


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